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Dragon - Female Piasa Bird, by FoolishLittleMortal. deviantART

Dragon - Female Piasa Bird, by FoolishLittleMortal.

Piasa bird

Piasa bird

Up the Scary Factor With These Legendary Monsters From Around the World

What& the Halloween season without a few scary stories? Not much at all, if you ask me — which is why I was delighted to find UK-based costume retailer Morph Costume& latest infographic. Detailing 18 creepy urban legends from around the world, it&

Frontiers of Zoology: "The Piasa Bird" and Mishipizhiws

This is one case where MOST of the books have got the thing WRONG. To Quote the usual Internet version of the information: "The Piasa Bi.

Hippogriffs are very proud creatures, they need to be treated with respect and kindness, if disrespected, they will become hostile

°Hyppogriff ~ A legendary animal, half horse & half griffin. It's father was a griffin & it's mother was a filly. It is often found in ancient Greek art & appeared largely in medieval legends. It is also a symbol of love.

woodblock  Book	Claude Paradin, chanoine de Beaujeu. Devises Heroïques. Lyon : Ian de Tournes et Guil Gazeau, 1557. Page 216.  Notes	  Theme	Bestiary

"Dragons are legendary creatures, typically with serpentine or otherwise reptilian traits, that feature in the myths of many cultures.