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Hi...I'm Jeydon. I'm Vic's brother.. I play the piano and write poems. I'm pan and single.... I have really bad social anxiety and I barely talk. Um...yeah. Introduce...?

"H-hi, I'm Jayla, im 15 but i act 2...I'm a boy, I'm a little and I need a mommy or daddy" I say very quietly. "I can't do rough unless my dom is very sweet to me after" I shake a tiny bit

c:Broken Smile Hello sexy asian emo! Can you be mine? Please? I might not be skinny or sexy but I am as sweet and soft as can be...<3

Emo boys

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I'm Wolfe. I like technology and machines. I'm not too good with people, so I prefer to be alone. My parents sent me here because they think I need a life and I need to be more friendly towards this alien race. Anyway if you need me- wait I'm not really needed, so if you're crazy enough to talk to me, I'll be somewhere probably working on a machine. Bye.