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Many historians consider Lemhi Pass the most important site along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. It was here that the dream of the Northwest Passage died and the expedition began its passage through the Rocky Mountains with horses acquired from the Lemhi Shoshone. Stands of fir and pine trees and mountain meadows look much the same today. The Lewis and Clark Backcountry Byway ~ A memorial near the pass commemorates Sacajawea, the expedition's Shoshone interpreter.

This picture: it doesn't have an inspiring quote, or an intricate background of the rocky mountains... it just is what it is. Preparation for what adventure is in the future, and a hope that the future can inspire you to adventure wherever your feet allow to take you.

Bloomington Lake - 1/2 mile hike after 15-20 mile drive on an unpaved road. Bloomington Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the northern Utah / southern Idaho region. The newly re-vamped roads and trails are user-friendly and the hike (besides a steep climb of about 100 yards at the beginning) is quite easy as well. The trail is sprinkled with beautiful wildflowers with pine trees and green shrubbery all around.