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Mouth-Watering ‘Sushi Burgers’ Are The New Food Trend You Can Make At Home - DesignTAXI.com

Image via 'Sushi burgers', a Japanese fusion twist on the US comfort food, are the latest food trend that is taking over.

Running For Pizza

Running For Pizza

fitness whole pizza in my mouth Running For Pizza T-shirt design by Laura Bohill

She won't let any of her images be used, but she is my ultimate aesthetic inspiration.

I really which Luxirare had pictures that would show up on here :( I've been looking for how to make these liquid filled capsules for years!

tatami room window JAPAN*

low circular window requiring viewer to kneel to fully appreciate and respect nature, Japan

Anglo-Japanese Wallpaper  http://www.aestheticinteriors.com/sc/sc_images/products/643_image.jpg

Aesthetic Interiors provides historic wallpapers, victorial crafts and much more for the do-it-yourselfer home restorer to the professional interior designer.