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Now That Is Some Sensible Armor

Roman mask helmet, 1st 2nd century CE. These are often called 'parade' helmets for cavalry sports use, but it has been suggested that they were also used in combat. The psychological effect of being charged by one of these masked warriors would have been formidable. A living statue, god-like and terrifying.

S/M Kitty skull mask with ears and movable jaw

Fantasy Creature Disguises

Fantasy Creature Disguises - The Merimask Animal Masks Unleash the Inner Beast in All of Us (GALLERY)

Wolf Mask- Any Color

I wasn't happy with a lot of the wolf masks I found on the web, so I decided to try to make one myself. This was actually the first molded mask I ever tried to make, and I still use the mold to make them.

Stickying this, its how the helmet will work once i - Comment #10 added by miklthepikl at Red Hood/Jason Todd Cosplay in progress