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Get rid of period cramps, even in a public setting, simple press down and rub in little circles where the red O is in the picture below.

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Life Hacks by faith! this is how I got ALL my baby music and I now have teenage dirtbag, forever young, another world, I should've kissed you, and MANY

Life hack.  Sounds shady, but I'll try it...I do love Pizza Hut lol!

15 Life Hacks You’ll Want To Try Even If They Are Weird As Hell 1000 Life Hacks; We love PizzaHut pizzas (dont have them here) so gonna remember that for sure!

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This is true! I checked out the website! hint hint what i want for valentine's day.

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Sweet Life Hacks- is there anything on my application they concerns you?


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A simple guide to getting free movies WITHOUT Netflix (genius)