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GIF -One of the most epic things that B.A.P has ever done O__________________O

#SQUADGOALS B.A.P My mom would think i have weird friends

Bang and Zelo - B.A.P look it's my bias and my other bias!

KPop Fans Can Relate #937: Like in B.A.P, I freaking love Daehyun and Himchan and ZELO!

LOL... Yongguk + Zelo >.<

Omg so I was at that concert and now I have a joke between 2 people from michigan, 1 from Chicago, and me it's literally about how we were there to see Daniel not B.A.P and it was so funny!

Zelo (B.A.P) Me: Isn't he cute? Friend: He looks like you. Me: gllskdnslskjdnsid (dying of happiness)