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I've been struggling with hope for a couple of weeks. Life is okay, nothing major has changed, which is part of the problem. I'm trying to live a faithful life not knowing if things will ever chang...

Dear Friend, Giving up changed my life and I want you to give up too! I want to share my testimony about how following Jesus Christ has changed everything.

8 Real Reasons You’re Unhappy

Life is too short to be anything but ridiculously happy. Having been to a place where I was nearly as unhappy as one can be, I've learned a thing or two about chasing happiness. | #happiness #alive #unhappy #change #joy

Hope is having joy while waiting for answers, for changes, for miracles. But what does the day before your miracle look like? Just another day.

Master Weaver - Life is in the beautiful mess of our trials and struggles. Even when we cannot see it, yet.

My father's life and personality has been my strongest influence. I find joy and sorrow in every visit as I sit surrounded by the bones of my father's life.

God's perfect timing put two great stories of using Gear for Good into my path, stories about giving back and being part of the story of changing lives.