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40 Freaky Frog Photos

Fungus Sex Is Threat to Frogs

1650 purse in shape of a frog, Museum of London. Out of period but too cool not to pin!

this is absolutely the signature way Labs lay. Never seen another breed lay like this but both my Labs & my Labradoodle do it.

colorful animals | frog | the terrible poison dart frog comes only in a very small area in front to the river Rio Saija near the Pacific coast of Colombia in the Department of Cauca (comment by anette meier)

Bearded Dragon Morphs #funny #lol #humor

Bearded Dragon Morphs #funny #lol #humor

Frog from pony beads...easier for little hands. Use pony beads and lanyard with a lanyard hook.

Twinkling in the dimmest of places within the tropical jungles of South America is the Fringe-limbed Tree Frog (Cochranella euknemos). Photo by Brad Wilson.

The Frog Princess Wonderful frog sewn fleece also quite suitable velor or velvet. Ready hands and feet turn out, tamp synthetic padding and after stuffing, sew joints (indicated by a dotted line). The eyes are made ​​of two circles of white jersey or fleece. Collect every detail around the edge on a strong thread, pull off, insert the ball into the batting. Pupils make beads of suitable size. Crown stitch of yellow cloth.

Frog brooch in 18-karat white and yellow gold with opals, moonstones and pink sapphires by Gregore Morin, Gregore Joailliers, Santa Barbara, Calif., for the 2009 AGTA Spectrum Awards