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40 Freaky Frog Photos

USGS scientists found this adult mountain yellow-legged frog on June 10 in Tahquitz Creek, a rediscovered population of the endangered frog in the San Jacinto Wilderness, San Bernardino National Forest, California.

Phyllobates Bicolor Golden Color: Yellow and Green Size: Medium- Reaching up to 1.5 inches or larger. Locality: Found in the rainforest of Colombia Difficulty: Easy Temperature: Range between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit Humidity: 40%-70% Behavior: Bold- Hardy- Terrestrial- Loud Call- Does fine in groups Terrarium Setup: 1 square ft per frog- Terrestrial

R. sirensis Highland morph These frogs are referred to as 'standard lamasi' in the hobby. However, this is not the nominal form of R. lamasi, which comes from southern Panguana. The highland frogs have broad yellow stripes, blue legs, and can be found breeding in bamboo stands. This morph appears to be very rare, perhaps in part due to smuggling.

The Indian Bull Frog This frog has attracted much attention for one main reason - its incredible mating colors. A male Indian Bullfrog will turn bright yellow with bright blue vocal sacs. It is also believed that this frog is capable of jumping on the surface of the water, as they would on land, when they are frightened.

Jewels of the forest: The fascinating world of tree frogs

Upper Amazon tree frog (Dendropsophus bifurcus) is purple with yellow spots. The colors in nature are amazing.

Phyllobates Bicolor Golden Breeding: Intermediate to breed. Uses coco huts and petri dishes. Best kept in a pair (1 male to 1 female). Male have darker throats and a more defined Back Structure. Females tend to be Larger and usually have cleavage in the chest region. Reaches sexual maturity in 14-24 months on average. Produces egg clutches every 5 to 10 days. Clutch size is 10-20 eggs on average. Metamorphosis takes on average 80 days. Other: Do Not Mix Species