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TRUMP for President--

TRUMP for President--

Praying everyday for our Nation & our President..... Mr Trump is fighting EVIL everyday!

Praying everyday for our Nation & our President. Mr Trump is fighting EVIL everyday! May God bless President Trump and his family!

YES !!!! Not like KILLARY with Benghazi !!

Not like Hillary, she didn't do anything! She let 4 brave Americans die in Benghazi.

if he works for American people than why does half disagree on how he's running.

TRUMP May God guide him as our president! May Pence be the Christian example and witness Trump needs.

It's been a long time waiting, but yes, we are proud of him. May he outlast the idiots and carry through with his ideas and promises.

Lori Hendry on

Finally, we have a President who represents the American people instead of the rest of the world. Love you Prez Trump!

Absolutely! He is fighting for the safety and prosperity of All Americans!!

Pedro 🚂MAGA🇺🇸💨 on

he loves America, our soldiers and our first responders. Obama did not. Being a proud American should be a quality of ALL our government officials!