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Read "A Midst of Sadness - Introduction" #wattpad #poetry

Socorra was not always a goth. It all started when her parents died at age is now 18 with a career of singing and has a boyfriend named Joshua , her 2 c.

I litterally just snorted

Stan where'd ya even get the grenade? Do u have a supply in ur pocket or something

As soon as he realised Thor had grown a brain

It's widely believed that Loki hates his brother. All this "no matter how much he said he hates Thor. But the fact . No hate, only love

Jim's face at the end.

Don't mess with the Nard Dog! Andy Bernard Jim Halpert The Office TV Show Funny Quote Moment

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic + Gravity Falls = AWESOME SAUCE!!!!! :D

My Little Pony - Seriously though, why wasn't Luna in that episode? I mean it's not like she's allergic to daylight. She and Celestia should have face rolled Chrysalis.

Who's Your Favourite? by Unit09-Jinx.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I'm definitely going to make this into a flip-book. XD I got the idea of this one from a Russell Howard's Good News Ep. Who's Your Favourite?

But it wouldn't be the same without 'em.<<<True dat.>> they are both stinken adorable!!

>> they are both stinken adorable!<<but the second picture isn't Sebastian it's a stunt double