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Love it!

"All Of Your Friends In McDonaldland Hope You Enjoy The Show!" The very last page of the 1974 Ice Capades program. McDonald’s was a part/sponsor of the 1974 show.

VHS | permanent marker on paper, 8 1/4 x 10 1/4 inches, hbt0… | Flickr

Remember recording multiple movies on one tape? I do love that u can find VHS movies for like a but your taking a chance thy dont work, but for a Who cares. I'm glad I still have a VHS player!

Life cereal...."he likes it! hey mikey!"

Mikey likes Life cereal hey I know.lets get Mikey. Won't won't eat it.he likes it he likes.Mikey likes it!


Dinosaurs the TV show was the best thing ever ! I use to watch this all the time as a kid !

The greatest stories ever told are the ones about dogs.

Former Guide Dog Serves As World's First Canine Concierge In Boston Hotel

Fishpond Australia, Clifford the Big Red Dog (Clifford S. Buy Books online: Clifford the Big Red Dog (Clifford S.

Remember the plastic hand puppets from McDonald's?

Mayor McCheese Plastic Hand Puppet (we didn't have Happy Meals when I was little but we did get these and they were fun) childhood-things