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Τα παραμύθια της γιαγιάς / Παραμύθι για παιδιά / Μέσα από το παραμύθι / Μάθε παραμύθια / Όταν πέθαναν τα παραμύθια / Τα παραμύθια της γιαγιάς / Τα παραμύθια http://nikos-lygeros-poihsh.blogspot.gr/2013/10/blog-post_22.html Ν. Λυγερός - Επιμέλεια Σ. Ντρέκου Αφιέρωμα  Τα παραμύθια της γιαγιάς - Ν. Λυγερός

One Winter Night by photographer Elena Shumilova. Russian mother takes magical pictures of her two kids with animals on her farm.

getting in the spirit

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I love the idea of having extra wreaths for guests, and the youthfulness of the elders.


Burning Love

You are the flame.the burning in my heart.I desire you above all else. Ignite me. Never let the flames dim. Belong to me and allow me to belong to you. Let us burn together. Let us keep this fire alight by any means necessary.

goodstuffhappenedtoday:    This 1973 photo of five children playing in a Detroit suburb has gone viral on the Internet. The children were Rhonda Shelly, 3 (from left), Kathy Macool, 7, Lisa Shelly, 5, Chris Macool, 9, and Robert Shelly, 6.   Photo: Joe Crachiola/Courtesy of The Macomb Daily

1973 photo of five children playing in a Detroit suburb - from left: Kathy Macool, Lisa Shelly, Chris Macool, and Robert Shelly,

Diego Epstein – Barbie in the rain

Diego Epstein – Barbie in the rain

Art-Spire, Source d’inspiration artistique / Diego Epstein – Barbie in the rain

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