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Handsome Boy by ~ForeignCanidae on deviantART

One of my Collie, Afghan Hound mixes! I took the shot as he was attempting to eat the dead grass when his sist.

Pretty Girl Ginger by ~ForeignCanidae on deviantART

Here's Ginger! Too bad there aren't more Afollies (Afghan Hound, Collie mixes) .

BENNY - und ich schwöre HINTER IHM SCHNEIT ES! von Korbine

BENNY - und ich schwöre HINTER IHM SCHNEIT ES! von Korbine

lovely story w many photos

Adorable brother kittens, now cats, who always sleep together Just like my robben and tobi

A butcher who witnessed this event said that even when the body was moved to the side of the road, the male dog continued to cuddle against his dead lover's body, unwilling to leave her side.   The depth of animal intensity and love is never quite known or understood by humans. Perhaps this story will make you realize just how emotionally sensitive and strong other animals can be.  - This is the kind of love I want to be in. Dedication even after we parish.

Rescue Dog: A dog rescues his injured friend risking his own life and drags it out of trafffic. Dogs are the best friend to each other. so heart breaking.

Rico (Unbekannt) | Mischling - Mix

Rico (Unbekannt) | Mischling - Mix


Golden Retriever Puppies are a medium sized breeds made for hunting. Check out some photos of the golden retriever puppy.

Puppy that will only stay calm in the car if you hold his paw. my heart is melting