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Gerard Way | My Chemical Romance

In light of the upcoming March 22 (if you don& what that is, I envy you. (two years ago on that day, My Chemical Romance broke up.)), here are a few gifs of our lord and saviour, Gerard Way.

2017! Gerard looks like my brother with his beard and stuff gah he's so cute

He used to be a bloody vampire but now hes a red headed awkward lesbian

Looks a little like my dragon impression:/

Amazing Photos And Gifs - 63) some more emo trinity tumblr shit

A collection of photos that will either melt your ovaries/ other repr… Random

Fuck  tattoos I write on myself in sharpie

I do this same thing yeah Gerard! *sorry for the language*<<< I'm scared of needles

Hey, everyone. This is probably what we look like to people when we have a "fan-girl" moment XD

Funny GIF of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance in the Teenagers video. Gerard Way is awesome, yo. Gerard Way Teenagers GIF