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Pokemon On Tumblr Compilation

OMG I loved alllllll of this! The one with James- Close Close Van Pelt and the ninenine- Van Pelt

A dad is many things.

Oh my goodness. I love this. the father is a DITTO! And is the best parent ever!>>>Is it sad that I almost cried at the end?

Giovanni and Jessie's mom

I imagine this is a young Kris who maybe just hurt her arms? I think pokemon acutely helped her then, but it's cute to imagine Rocket grunt being conforting.

great helper

A Terribly Sad Tail Tale (never thought of it this way. how sweet!

omgosh yes!!! @Olivia364

Easy Classroom Management Hacks

Having trouble getting kids to pick up the floor? Try the magic scrap game and other classroom management hacks!


Cool Volleyball designs on shirts and other gift ideas by Mudge . Volleyball design features Welcome to the Block Party! How to draw a volleyball