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ATI is pleased to announce a number of hardware improvements aimed at increasing flight performance, aerodynamics and portability in the AgBOT

http://prouav.com - Team BlackSheep Discovery ARF Quadcopter Platform

Discover all the information about the product UAV ground station Naviator™ GCS - INNOCON and find where you can buy it.



Make a UAV for research and photography

Make a UAV for Research and Photography

You, yes you, can build and fly a personal UAV. If you like this instructable, consider voting for me in the RC contest. I remember riding.

FLIR ONE - Infrared Accessory - fits Apple iPhone 5/5s - See the Heat - (Space Gray)  Price : $349.00 http://shop.flir.com/FLIR-ONE-Infrared-Accessory-iPhone/dp/B00K0PXFB6

The FLIR ONE is a personal thermal image camera accessory that fits the Apple iPhone - It uses infrared to see the world in a new light, even when there's no light at all. The FLIR ONE personal thermal imager by lets you "See the Heat".

Happy Birthday

Canon’s Coming Electronic Tilt-Shift Adapter that Works With Every EF Lens

In a recent patent application submitted to the USPTO, Canon revealed a new adapter under development that would essentially turn every Canon EF lens into a tilt-shift lens.