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Republican Legislator Blames Planned Parenthood For Terrorist Attack Against Itself. Colorado State Rep. Joann Windholz is a member of that group who blames the victim, the sort who says: the woman was asking to be raped, welfare recipients are lazy...

Carly Fiorina laments the Planned Parenthood shooting, blames liberals, then doubles down on the lies that provoked the terrorist attack on Fox.

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Christopher Ingraham on

(At the time the standoff was happening) If victims are confirmed, Planned Parenthood mass shooting would be: 2nd today 12th this week 352nd this year - Well yes, it's been confirmed. Yet another white, gun-toting Conservative Christian man has has killed multiple people. Captured Alive, unlike any brown-skinned person would have been.

Conservative White Terrorists are who's destroying this country. The Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter was a white male with an assault rifle, but you won't hear about that from the main stream media

Planned Parenthood Domestic Terrorist Suspect Gave Neighbor Anti-Obama Pamphlets, Said Obama Should Be Impeached. Of COURSE Robert Lewis Dear would be an ardent Conservative Christian Republican. Did anyone think otherwise...? More on his religious zealotry here

Repulsive human being and Republican Carly Fiorina was confronted when she repeatedly lied, saying Planned Parenthood sold baby parts as part of her presidential campaign spiel. Now that a domestic terrorist attacked and killed 3 innocent people because of hateful rhetoric like hers, she won't acknowledge this was an act of terror - just another 'loner, crazy individual' (who listened to her every word!). Heartless…