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Home is where the Dancing is. Photo by Paula White -- National Geographic Your Shot #dancing This is one of the places where I'm most at home, when I'm dancing. Hungarian or Transylvanian couple dances.

Eugene- I walk out of my apartment and there she is, i stop in my tracks, water splashing everywhere. Her eyes a bright purple shining.... "Meg?" I ask, someone walks by and meg disappears... (SHES BACK!!)

beach ballerina FOUND HER!!!!! :D BOY...if you see something you just love on here, better pin it RIGHT after your done pinning Then you have that website saved too. Those little boxes catch me every time after a pin.. OR, I go to the website and get lost in it and their links.:p

Taken on a magical night in Norway. A wonderful display of northern lights dancing over a partially frozen river creating the most amazing reflections. Truly one of natures great wonders...

from Mail Online

Boing! How frogs' legs wind up their tendons 'like a catapult' to let them leap high into the air

my mum said they were playing tug-o-war and the brown haired guy lost so he is crying on the floor