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Diego Ruvidotti Concert - Dream Machine - Ricomincio da Tre Music Club ph. Annamaria Mearini

I LOVE this picture// Green Day I just want this picture enlarged and pinned up on my bedroom wall. It's ok to do that as an adult right?

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Mystery misc. (21 photos)

I chose this because I also want to be free-lance and take photos at concerts.

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How to make a bucket list.

How to make a bucket list. – Short Story Long

Make poles to extend and be any height, make them free standing and able to put into the ground, then buy lights.

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30 seconds to mars, linkin park, bullet for my valentine, metallica, papa roach, paramore, example...

You know when you see those eyes that cut like a knife, that make you loose your train of thought // Van McCann

(Fc: Halsey) I'm Ashley. I came about 7 months ago. They think of me as their leader, yet, I have trouble acting like one. I like to change my hair a lot. It's, for me at least, a symbolism of growing and changing. Which, like my hair, I'm always doing. Introduce yourself. I don't bite, much,

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Why 20-Something Women Need To Stop Thinking Like 30-Something Women

Coachella // UGC // Environment // Creating a communal experience between new + old friends