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"Volevo che si mantenesse quella correlazione, quella somiglianza. Si trattava di una storia vera." Intervista a #BenAffleck (sottotitoli in italiano) #ArgoIT #ARGO

Argo di Ben Affleck - Intervista a Ben Affleck (sottotitoli in italiano)


Ben Affleck’s dynamite new film Argo isn’t just a tense, impeccably acted thriller, but fulfills some core purpose of Hollywood filmmaking that’s practically been forgotten.

Funny Face "Bonjour, Paris" I FELT JUST LIKE THEM! I WANT O GO BACK TO PARIS!!!!!

Funny Face "Bonjour, Paris" Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn - C'est Magnifique

justin-timberlake-jimmy-fallon - a bromance I didn't know existed. These two have so much fun together. Love watching them.

History of a Bromance: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

These two are awesome so funny when they get together Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake GQ Men of the Year I love them!

Lost in Translation. Sofia Coppola.

Brilliant: Lost in translation de Sofia Coppola of my top favourites. I love this image of Scarlett looking out over Tokyo.this film perfectly captures many of the sensations one has as a Westerner in Japan.

Ben Whishaw  YEAH.. I was missing "Q" in the Bond movies.  They FINALLY brought him back!

Ben Whishaw as New Q in Skyfall

Recuerda que la vida no se detiene para NADIE #LasVentajasDeSerInvisible ♥

Recuerda que la vida no se detiene para NADIE #LasVentajasDeSerInvisible ♥