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Nerdy Science Art    set of 6 8x10 Instant Download

Nerdy Science Art - set of Prints with Erlenmeyer Flask, DNA, Elements for science themed bedroom or nursery

CHRONOLOGICAL 12x18 Science Poster, 50 Designs in One, Scientist and Astronomer Art Print - Chemistry, Microbiology, Astronomy, Physics

Science Poster Chronological Mosaic of 50 Rock Star Scientists, Art Print for Science Class, School Room Decor, Kids Science Bedroom

Beautiful Science #1 Un voyage initiatique en 50 images scientifiques extraordinaires. ~ Sweet Random Science

A gorgeous and informative 240 million year long cosmological dark matter evolution simulation.

The known universe to date.

The Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex is a complex of galaxy superclusters or galaxy filament that includes the Virgo Supercluster (the supercluster in which the Local Group, the galactic cluster that includes the Milky Way Galaxy, is located).

Marbled Milk Paper - This would be fun for when we bind books as the cover or inside cover as with old books.

Did you know you can marble paper with milk?


by UK-based applied mathematician Simon C. Page for the International Year of Astronomy (IYA)


Periodic Table by ~enkana on deviantART. Periodic Table of Elements, with each element represented by what it's used in. Image by DeviantArt user Enkana.