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Winner of a patreon voting pinup Shanalotte from Dark Souls 2 as always nsfw over my hf Emerald Herald

armor artist request chainmail dark souls dragon slayer ornstein full armor full body helmet highres kneeling knight plate armor polearm solo souls (from software) spear weapon yinwoeren - Image View -

I think the descriptions are kinda dumb but the photos are really cool

Who would win?

madcat-world:   Dark souls 3 - Yhorm - Ishutani - Alia Pulchra Es

madcat-world: Dark souls 3 - Yhorm - Ishutani


The winners of the ESO Poster Challenge have been revealed. Find out who our champions are and see the winning entries.

How to make your own Dark Souls Estus Flasks:: Everyone who's played Dark Souls knows how important the Estus flask is. Everyone who's…

Dark Souls Estus Flask Replica Display Only by CuteMonsterProps

Papercraft .pdo file template for Dark Souls - Dragon Crest Shield.

pdo file template for Dark Souls - Dragon Crest Shield.