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Nico di angelo so freaking hard

Nico di angelo so freaking hard

~ same sky, separate souls ~

Both Batman and Spiderman are real as you can see but Spiderman is the one who needs help getting over the wall. Batman will just jump over. Yours truly, Batman lovers/ smart people

Me 800% of the time

gay is a slur, i think you mean homosexual american

Is that why everyone gathers around and throw's a party? Makes sense now!

Mark Christopher Breed aka Mark Breed (English, b. Peterborough, England) - Funeral, You Can’t Spell Funeral Without Fun Drawings

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We were reading Romeo and Juliet in class and the guy who was Capulet was doing an amazing job so when it came to this part he just ended up yelling that in a deep voice with a British accent and long story short it was hilarious.