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What if Loki had accepted Tony Stark's offer? Art by Jamie at Captain Galaga!

What if Loki had said "Yes, please, thanks!" Well, he and Tony would have gotten sloppy drunk trying to out-drink each other, Hahahahaha.

I need an episode where they're all worn out and lance and Keith are just leaning on each other sleeping

Keith in the last panel is like "Your just gonna deny another bonding moment, ok fine

Cute Baby Animals | The Fun Learning

Best friends - kitten with baby chick- so cute and adorable- animal humor

11 Signs That You Have A Cool Mom | The Odyssey

11 Signs That You Have A Cool Mom

If your mom is the Lorelai to your Rory, then these seven mother-daughter best friend quotes from 'Gilmore Girls' will make you realize how much your BFF mom has taught you.

And John calls him things like fantastic and amazing. You'd get attached pretty fast to someone who said nice things like that to you after years of people calling you a freak.

I think that Sherlock also wanted to prove to Seb that he could have a friend after all (because Seb knew him in Uni and they all hated him there). << yes! He was being like "this is my FRIEND. Yes I can make friends.

#Book Review of #FrankNGoat from #ReadersFavorite - https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/frank-n-goat  Reviewed by Marilla Mulwane for Readers' Favorite  Frank N' Goat by Jessica Watts is a morbidly sweet story of ever after friendship with a great lesson about lightning and kites. Frank is a monster that everyone hates, and Goat is a goat. Together, the two form a bond and become BFFs. That is, until Goat dies. Throughout the story, Watts fills the pages with simple, cartoon-like…

Book review of Frank N' Goat

Perfect dark humor book for goat lovers a goat and his bff frankenstein

Piggy Back- Keith and Pidge from Voltron Legendary Defender

Piggy Back- Keith and Pidge from Voltron Legendary Defender<<< More like a Pidgey back ride ha ha *slaps knee* I'll go now thanks

If BLL taught viewers (and readers) anything, it's that the most delicious (and dangerous) drama stems from the bonds of female friendships. Three college roommates become BFFs and sustain a love-hate relationship for two decades…until one of them ends up dead. Did boiling envy lead to murder, or was it the husband, as society expects? It's a whodunit suspense novel that will keep you guessing with every page. BUY NOW

6 Books to Cure Your 'Big Little Lies' Withdrawals

It's Always the Husband (Hardcover) (Michele Rebecca Martinez Campbell)

A powerful meme picture highlighting the relationship between Dragon Ball Z's Son Goku and Vegeta.

One of my best friends and me are alot like goku and vegeta. We always stick together and cover each others backs, plus we started out as enemys and now he's like the goku to my vegeta!