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the Battle of Leuthen or Lissa, fought on 5 December 1757, Frederick II used maneuver and terrain to decisively defeat a much bigger Austrian army under Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine, thus ensuring Prussian control of Silesia during the Seven Years' War.

18th C. A tethered Horse, the short ears indicate it is likely a Marwari, first bred by the Rajputs of Mewar in the 12th C. Famous as cavalry horses. Greys with a blaze were prized. Rajasthan, India 18th C.

A born and bred South African Industrial Designer with expertise in Plastics - I am also currently working on my own opensource toy range for and from time to time will...

Animated map Hundred years war. This map shows the war`s evolution and the most important battles. Battles-Battle of Crecy (1346), Battle of Poitiers (1356), Battle of Agincourt (1415), Battle of Castillon (1429), Battle of Formigny (1450) Years shown: 1337, 1346, 1356, 1360, 1415, 1429, 1429-31, 1450, 1451-53, 1453.