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What To Buy Organic

What To Buy Organic: This includes both EWG's Dirty Dozen List AND Non-GMO's High-Risk GMO Crops.

Contrary to popular belief, animal milk does not promote strong bones, as the dairy industry would have you believe. Dairy products are in fact the number one cause of osteoporosis and breast cancer. Casein, the milk protein, is one of the worst carcinogens ever. Animal milk (and other animal products) are highly acidic, so they cause bone and muscle loss and promote cancer cells growth. A natural, raw / mostly raw, whole-food plant based diet (fruitarian,

from 100 Days of Real Food

Real Food Defined (The Rules

100 Days of Real Food Rules

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Daily Motivation (16 photos)

benefits of watermelon

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Tuesday Ten: Foods You Need in Your Diet

10 Foods You Need in Your Diet

Did you know that a plant based diet is a protein rich diet? Here are some foods with tons of protein that are easily absorbed by our bodies!