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vintage pictures of african americans | African American Women of the Old West, by Tricia Martineau Wagner

BLACK SEMINOLE WOMAN | The BLACK SEMINOLES are a small offshoot of the GULLAH who escaped from the rice plantations in South Carolina and Georgia. They built their own settlements on the Florida frontier, fought a series of wars to preserve their freedom, and were scattered across North America. They have played a significant role in American history, but have never received the recognition they deserve.

'I'm FOUR and smarter than my parents': Toddler who can recite every capital city and boasts IQ over 145 becomes Mensa's newest member

Henry E. Frye became the first African American chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court in 1999 and became the first African American assistant US District Attorney in 1963 . He graduated with highest honors from North Carolina A &T State University and the University of North Carolina Law School.

Iylana and Shane of Caprock Vintage's home in West Texas is a blend of artifacts from their world travels—GarrettAll photos by Shane Nassiri

The Loving family. Just 45 years ago, 16 states deemed marriages between two people of different races illegal. But in 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court considered the case of Richard Perry Loving, who was white, and his wife, Mildred Loving, of African American and Native American descent. The case changed history.

Black Choctaw girl in Mississippi, ca. 19th century. The Choctaw Nation, along with The South, was involved in the enslavement of Africans in Mississippi. Even after the Confederacy had been defeated, surrendered, and slavery had effectively ended beginning in March 1865, slavery wasn’t officially abolished among the Choctaw Nations until 1866. It took a special treaty with the United States to permanently end slavery among the Choctaw. During the Civil War, the Choctaw had sided with the…