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sci fi chair - Cerca con Google

Like: very architecturally cool, combine this with the white/gray/orange room, transparent displays, Dislike: one man device

ArtStation - Pipe Rooms, Frédéric Bennett

Very old and unused environment designs for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Progaliss Server Room Vault Door.  Inside is the uplink plug.  Indra's web design interface.  This is one way of connecting millions.

This door is a treat to look at weith its bulky metal nature with its many patterns. I would not see this door on a captains room more like on an armory.

ArtStation - EMET's Dropship Beacon, Loren Broach

In-game assets. Created the high poly, low poly, and textures. Concept by Mike Brainard.


We all know that Bungie (creator of HALO and Marathon) is working on a brand new game called "Destiny". Now an IGN reader has leaked Destiny story details and concept art showing environment we will be playing in.Here is what the source of IGN says about

kwshipman's environment thread - Polycount Forum

kwshipman's environment thread - Polycount Forum