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:P LIAM that's a no brainier have u seen them he's the most built one their!!!!! But I will always be a Niall girl

:P hmmmm.this is actually tough. cause if i touch louis' bum, then he might think I'm a crazy stalker.but if i touch liam's abs, then we're close(:

For sure a flat with all of them!!!!  Let the party begin!!!! :) We would have so much fun together!!!!

If I owned a house with Liam then he would introduce me to all the boys so it would be good plus I love Liam so if where living together he would love me and then the rest of the boys would be my friends


*one direction fandom laughs nervously* while slowly raising hands

For Niall "he looks like he causes too much trouble" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOUR SO WRONG

My Harrys hair is perfect. Loui cheeks are adorable.Horan does not cause trouble he is a sweet little prince. Zany is a bad boy, but also a sweet and caring boy. Ding ding ding you got Liam Payne correct.

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stop just stop why cant beliebers and directioners get along? im a belieber and a directioner

1D facts:) I LOVE the one about Niall taking out his ear piece. And when Niall's mum said that!!!! Hahaha i can TOTALLY imagine it!!! (Yes, Im american, but it didn't feel right using an irish name like Niall and then saying mom right after. You've gotta say mum)

One Direction facts, I knew all of these but every time I see the Fan: Liam I like your hair. Liam: thanks I grew it myself.