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"Liv truly knew she was a lady as much as her sister was. But she was also a warrior, and she was going to fight.

A sexualidade através das ilustrações de Regards Coupables

A sexualidade através das ilustrações de Regards Coupables

Regards Coupables is a french artist whose simple, clean-line illustrations express a sense of tongue-in-cheek sexuality that gets right to the poin.

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A well read woman is a dangerous creature. I think I would say a well read person is a dangerous creature, for they have been taught to have an open and questioning mind that thinks beyond the small box societies at large wish to place one in.

hahahah this was me bawling in rehab. over a mcdouble bc there was noo way I could fathom eating chicken salad. | Pop Art was an art movement that shaped and inspired too many artist along the 60's, 70's to really express what art means for them Design was of course one of the are shaped this movement. Here we gather our favorites pop art expressions www.essentialhome.eu

cheeseburger and french fries. I feel this way at least once a month