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Clear Spring Style Guide - Discover how to wear your clear spring colors through the use of the clear spring color wheel and color combinations. Lots of inspiration! Click to learn more...

Clear Spring / Pure Spring

You're a Clear Spring! Also known as a "pure spring" in the 4x4 color system. You are warm, light, CLEAR and BRIGHT. Clear and bright spring eyes are the signature of a clear spring. Light hair. Light skin. Go ahead and download your clear spring color palette and order your clear spr

Clear Spring / Pure Spring Color Fan

This gorgeous color fan has 60 colors from the clear spring color palette. Folds up into a perfect size for carrying in your purse for shopping: 2.25" x 1" x 1" Each color in the fan has on the back: Color: the name of the color Temperature: Warm, Cool or Neutral Wardrobe

Round Cat Eye Sunglasses

High fashion oversized round cat-eye silhouette that features a unique… - Looking for affordable hair extensions to refresh your hair look instantly?

How To Wear Pink For A Clear Spring

A clear spring's pink is fuchsia. Clear springs look amazing in high contrast, super saturated colors. Anything less is just boring on a clear spring. I played around with a triad color scheme using the clear spring color palette. The colors that form a triangle on the clear spring color wheel

Cotton Linen Floral Long Sleeve Mini Casual Dresses

I would describe my aesthetic as definitely personal and harmonious with an eclectic yet bohemian sensibility. Besides, this floral dress is really flowy and comfortable when sitting on the beach.