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It is better to have loved and lost than to live with a psycho for the rest of your life ~ words of wisdom

That's funny right there, I don't care who you are!  (But probably happens more than we know)

Such a lovely poem…

Don't ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go.

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I feel like this always happens when I forget to forward it to 10 people.  Or when I forward it to 10 people, but one email address bounces back undeliverable, and then the fate of technicalities comes in and kills me.  It's just so much work.

I should be dead about a million times over, for all the chain letters and emails and texts that I've received and NEVER forwarded one. So I find this HILARIOUS! They are like Blackmail, Guilt, Fear letters.

How To Please A Man Vs Woman

This shows us that women expect to be more emotional and want more sentimental things, whereas men just want beer and naked girls. We stereotype genders like this, however I don't think I've ever seen a girl not pleased by a naked man or a beer?

God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid;for the Lord God is my strength and my song!!!! #nofear#biblereading

No Fear Bible Reading Challenge Week 2 Summary

God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid;for the Lord God is my strength and my song Isaiah

Newcastle in New South Wales

The truth is that it hurts because it’s real. It hurts because it mattered. And that’s an important thing to acknowledge to yourself - John Green ♊️

Karma is one of those words that have launched into our English language  with a vengeance. Mostly people take it in a new age sense, as cosmic  payback.

Why What Goes Around Doesn't Always Come Around, and Maybe Something Better

Dear karma I have a list of people you missed. And you will definitely get your karma for all the things you have done and said. And your karma is gonna be twice as bad!

Journey with Gastroparesis: Inspiring Video: Story of a Girl Who Cured Her GP

Hahaha true

Funny pictures about Typical Grandparents. Oh, and cool pics about Typical Grandparents. Also, Typical Grandparents photos.