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Why did I think I could actually do these?!

Why did I think I could actually do these?

Joss Whedon is the man.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Photogenic kids are photogenic.

Funny pics, memes and trending stories

24 Funny Baby Photographs That Were Taken At The Perfectly Wrong Time funny lol fail humor funny pictures funny kids fails hysterical funny images. The last one is just perfect

Adoro essas placas. E com certeza colocarei a primeira em frente a minha casa kkkkkk

Funny Signs From Around The World. The last one is my favorite. >>>> I think the mountain lion one is my favorite. nm theryér all my favorite hahaha couldn stop laughing XD

I've never felt this satisfied before - 9GAG>>> it's so beautiful it literally hurts. Literally. In. My. Heart.

I've never felt this satisfied before

I did not put a explanation mark because I'm just so calmed down. This makes my OCD happy

"Look honey! We're on the Kiss Cam!"  haha

"Look honey! We're on the Kiss Cam!"

Funny pictures about Kiss Cam Troll. Oh, and cool pics about Kiss Cam Troll. Also, Kiss Cam Troll.

Funny pictures

I'd seriously pick Thor's compliment over That Random Person On The Top. I love Thor!

So much better than all the bad tipping stories on the news!:

Sometimes, we all need to go out and enjoy a nice meal, even geeks. Before you head out to your favorite restaurant, check out some of these cool and geeky places that clearly have a sense of humor.-----Amazing restaurants who share my sense of humor

Adele...songs not as sexy when illustrated.

I will picture this everytime i hear this song now>>> I always thought of Adele having fire powers and shooting a fireball to the rain and touching someone's face😂

he just makes me laugh. hahaha :]

Best of nerd corrections (aka Dwight Schrute). I stopped watching this show years ago, but i still like a good dwight quote every now and then.

Trolling driver's license photo. There are no words to describe how much I love this!

Trolling driver's license photo.

Funny pictures about Best Way To Get A Driver's License. Oh, and cool pics about Best Way To Get A Driver's License. Also, Best Way To Get A Driver's License photos.

Tom Hanks - Mother Fucker

Damn you Tom with your perfect acting abilities! I love Tom Hanks & Steve Martin!


This is what happens when Directioners take over the news station and we hold this weather lady hostage and force her to talk about One Direction instead of the storm and she doesn't. So someone throws a stop sign at her.

bacon, sorry

Apology Notes so Funny You Have to Forgive Them. 36 Pics of hilarious apology notes. Pictures of notes. Images of I'm sorry notes given to friends strangers

A perfect day......if you like rainy days, go to Texas in Winter.

Rainy days are perfect days.--this is me every morning :) I love rainy Washington!