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Alkaline Recipe #69: Carrot and Artichoke Soup - This soup is made of jerusalem artichokes and carrots, which give it a smooth texture and a very earthy taste.

Alkaline Recipe #53 Fill-You-Up Salad! This is a super-salad. My meat-eating friends are forever challenging me to make a salad that fills me up, and doesn’t leave me hungry again in half an hour. They don’t believe it is possible. I promise you it is. And here is one of my creations.

And if you need to halve an egg? A large egg should be about 1/4 cup, or 4 tablespoons -- so if you beat your egg, you just need to measure out 2Tbsp of it for the half recipe.

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Detox Soup

Detox-soup-designed to improve your alkalinity

Worlds Best Recipes: Crockpot Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup Recipe. If your looking for a really good soup that you can make in the crockpot then you need to CLICK The PHOTO and make this oh so delicious soup really soon. This soup is so very delicious. The best you'll ever taste. Make it and you'll see.

Alkaline Diet Recipe #87: Leeks and Asparagus Soup - This is one of those soups, which I increasingly crave the more I eat it. The main ingredient is asparagus, which is alkaline and packed with healthy nutrients. It is also a great alkaline vegetable for the weight conscious amongst us, as it is very low in sodium and low in calories. I hope you enjoy this delicious alkalising leeks and asparagus soup, which has a lovely lemon tang! Serves 4

Alkaline Recipe #34 Alkalising Baked Bean Salsa Breakfast - This is a brilliant, warm, filling alkaline breakfast. It is really easy and really great for setting you up for the day. This is my find of the year!

White Bean Soup -use this recipe as your base and add more veggies or herbs to suit your taste. I love thyme in my bean soup! Hearty, filling and loads of plant protein and fiber.

Alkaline Recipe #147: Mexican Tortilla Soup

Alkaline Recipe 5: Vegetable Soup - Alkaline Lifestyle made Easy