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Mr. Gay World 2010 ha muerto a los 33 años.

Followers, I don't know your beliefs, so this may offend someone of you. But I am a strong believer on the rights of all humans. HUMANS. We are all just in this world trying to get by. You could have been born black. You could have been born gay. You could have been born Muslim, Jewish, Hispanic, straight, bisexual, Italian, or a mermaid for all I care. The fact is, you were born who you are. No one should ever be penalized for being the best them they can be. I made this after watching a…

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“Tron Guy” Is a Hit on the Web. Will It Sell Tickets for Disney?

Ok, comparado aos de hoje os efeitos são bisonhos, mas temos que lembrar que foi o filme pioneiro em computação grafica nos efeitos. I'm a fan of the original. Sure nowadays it is slightly ridiculous and laughable, but it's a classic.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - this is one of my favorite parts! And it's one of the best movies ever!


Dov Davidoff: Filthy Operation (2010) | | Comedian Dov Davidoff dissects the irony and problems of the world in a way that makes funny what otherwise isn't. He pushes the envelope giving his amusingly acute take on everything from prejudice in politics and school lunches, gay rights, and why men don't stop for directions. Filmed at the El Portal theater in North Hollywood, CA, nothing is off limits in Davidoff's first…


What it's like to be gay in the Armed Forces

God bless them! A gay man tells his story about being 'out' in the army

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