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The Best Memes of 2012. Period.

Jabba the Hutt beanbag chair

Back in 1998 - Rejected Star Wars Promotional Merchandise Concepts <----- why on earth would someone reject this idea! I WANT THIS!

star wars room design | Another Cool Star Wars Bedroom Built for Some Lucky Kid

Why Do Kids Get All The Cool Geek Bedrooms? --- If I have kids they are going to have geek bedrooms, actually my entire house will be "geekified" and "adorkable"!

@Jennifer Boss-Alvarez   I thought you'd like this ;)

Stormtrooper Regrets Poster "Those WERE the droids you were looking for" Funny Star Wars poster on Etsy

Jedi's Witnesses lol

You Know It's True

Boring Conversation Anyway

Boring Conversation Anyway

8-foot long Millenium Falcon beanbag chair Please fuck! i want lmao oh my god!!!!! :) Buying now!!

She Ain't Much to Look At, But She'll Get You All the Ladies

May the fourth be with you.

Star Wars protagonists and their personal archenemies

Screw rocking horse, ride a tauntaun!

Take a look at these awesome taun taun rocking horses! Perfect for a family who wants some rocking horses for their child but loves Star War.


Grocery Store Pulls Sweet Baby Jesus Beer After Customer Complaints

Funny pictures about Admiral Snackbar. Oh, and cool pics about Admiral Snackbar. Also, Admiral Snackbar photos.

That awkward moment far far away. - http://limk.com/news/that-awkward-moment-far-far-away-541325965/

That awkward moment far far away.

The exact moment Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher found out that Luke & Leia were twins is documented for posterity and my personal amusement.

Job/Resume Funnies: “So as long as I sign this, my career will continue after this film?” “I’m pretty sure it’s a scam. I didn’t sign.

This just got way too serious. OMG.

Star Wars symbolism I never noticed. ~ I thought it was to copy his Dad.

Woah, woah, woah.... wait just a tomb raiding second!

That awesome Easter egg moment when you find out that and of Star Wars was in an Indiana Jones movie