Kai wearing Royal Knight Set

Archer - Seems to me the helmet and parts of the armor would interfere with aiming and firing especially if you were looking for speed and accuracy.

I have to go potty!

Top 6 Art by Yuki Yoshida Yuki Yoshida is a Artist from Japan. In this post you will some wond


Grace of Knights II (Ex): Templars are born and breed to be one with their armour and move dexerrously with the heaviest of armours. System: You get back dexterity penalties from armour. You get back AC = level + Does not stack with "Grace of Knights".

Artist: Alex Negrea - Title: legend of cryptids - Card: Battlefield Reaper Mextli

ArtStation - Trinity 2 user character concepts, Jin Woo Park

✧ ✧ Korea - "Keeper character set definition/ I like the weapon

ArtStation - Keeper & Artifact - The Last Keeper, Su Wang

Fantasy - Rogue warrior, Assassin, Thief ArtStation - Keeper & Artifact - The Last Keeper, Su Wang

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The equipment of a pre-Dominion-era Epoch) Majiski high paladin of the Ioan military Mais