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At Baltimore’s Visionary Museum, a visually dense show featuring outsider art - The Washington Post

Styrofoam cup sculpture- great high school/ middle school lesson for introduction with exacto knivrs. Material is soft for easy practice.

8th Grade Projects - Awesome site, lessons pp and rubrics 7th and 8th

positive negative space Bike contour drawings grade Variety of subjects to choose from 4 small different areas of focus

Drawing/Photo Manipulation.

fun photo/drawing combo - wish I could draw like this. I may play with this idea maybe with a much less detailed photo.


INSTANT COMFORT POCKET BOX 2011 Handmade illustration in a small pocketsize box with comforting words like: 'everything will be ok', you look wonderful today' or 'you can do it!' - could alter this idea with quotes from wise and holy people form the past

BOOOOOOOM.com's "remake a famous work of art" challenge adapt for high school art

Photography Unit--- "remake a famous work of art" challenge adapt for high school art This would be a fun and current way to expose students to master artworks and using Photoshop!

sculpture lesson - Google Search

Students look at examples of abstract sculpture made by Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi, and create an abstract sculpture that represents an emotion through color and form.

shadow box tins: I love the whole idea. I have plans to make a felted cat sitting in a sardine tin with a big smirk. I want a vintage tin with the key roll-up top.