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eclipse by len-yan female dragon eagle lion god godess moon sun monster beast creature animal

Zheng - These leopard-like creatures are known from the mythology of China, and were apparently red in colour with a single horn in their forehead. Nowadays, they are very rare, but their cries (that sound like stones striking each other) can still be heard in the mountains.

Contemporary Chinese artist's impression on a mythical creature described in the "Classic of Mountains and Seas". A brilliant sort of tiger.

Hello everybody Here a character design,Rob Marcelli (Night Wolf) is the protagonist character in the comic book title "Night Wolf. created by : Rob Multari I hope you like it, I submit more.

''Gittin mi büyük gideceksin ! Ayrılık bile gurur duyacak seninle.'' ... der can yücel.. gittin mi ;baharları da alacaksın , gelmezse bir daha diye... gittin mi ;ay gibi parlayan yüzünü de alacaksın, yakamozlar oluşmazsa diye.. gittin mi ;gülüşünde açan gonca gülleri de alacaksın, yürek toprağın kurumasın diye.... gittin mi büyük gideceksin, ardında hiç bitmez son baharı bırakarak... ayrılık bile gurur duyacak seninle.. kalan ise ...boş ver...  benimkisi zaten yitik bir yaşam öyküsü

I am the angel of darkness.I am very sad all the time.The balloon I have is the reminder of my family.

I did this illustration last month for Cubebrush, a concept artist tutorial site. The entire process was recorded and turned into a video lecture . Sir Billy the Cockatrice

One of the kin, he's a fearsome one that has high respect in their culture. Maybe a religious figure? guerreros aztecas - Buscar con Google

One of the kin, he's a fearsome one that has high respect in their culture…