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In the Matter of Paul Ryan

The morning after, the nation awakes asking: What have we done? Both parties seem intent on throwing the election away. The Democrats, running against a man with highest-ever negatives, are poised to nominate a candidate with the second-highest-ever negatives. Hillary Clinton started with every possible advantage — money, experience, name recognition, residual goodwill from her husband’s successful 1990s — yet could not put away until this week an obscure, fringy, socialist backbencher in…

"Tonight, I hope we'll finally break through that highest, hardest glass ceiling together, and use those pantsuits for the best occasion of all — celebrating!" she wrote to the secret hub.

Trump Exposes Trump MUST WATCH. IF you are supporting him, especially, for any reason, please watch. #NeverTrump

The most thorough, profound and moving defense of Hillary Clinton I have ever seen.

First of all — this is not my writing.  It's a Facebook post by someone I don’t even know, a man named Michael Arnovitz in Portland OR.  But as a Facebook post it passes the fair use test and I’m quite certain he would not object that I share it here...

"I'm pro life and I'm voting for Hillary"....I don't know who I'll vote for, but this is a super interesting article

Donald Trump Opens New Line of Attack on Hillary Clinton: Her Marriage - The New York Times

How nostalgia for white Christian America drove so many Americans to vote for Trump

In Andy Griffith’s rural North Carolina home town, people wish life were more like the Mayberry of TV.

A Harvard law professor who formerly taught Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says the Calgary-born Republican presidential candidate should be disqualified from the race based on his own legal philosophy.

The dossier reports that "the aim of leaking the DNC emails to Wikileaks during the Democratic Convention had been to swing supporters of Bernie Sanders away from Hillary Clinton and across to Trump.