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Xiumin and Hongbin (gif) I love how close VIXX and EXO are XD especially considering that they are under different labels in the kpop world

Poor Minseok....(GIF) hahahahahaha but...it's funny<-----The half-fifty year old should take a break from doing stuff like that.

How could a cute baozi and cute leader become so sexy and badass~?? Its the~ ...... (drum roll)...... POWER OF THE BLONDE HAIR~!!! kekeke this power is so freaking effective caution: you might look too sexy and badass WARNING: Incoming pregnant fangulls and ovary explosions~! kekeke

#EXO How to react to a compliment. Haha Luhan looked like a girl for a moment (still manly though.) and Xiumin being cute and Chen just laughing at the situation.

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