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"This colorful little treefrog is Hypsiboas picturatus, or the Imbabura Treefrog. It’s usually found along streams in closed-canopy forests and can be locally abundant, however generally uncommon." -

The Costa Rican Variable Harlequin Toad, Atelopus Varius, also known as the clown frog, is a neo-tropical true toad from the family Bufonidae (Crump 1986). Once ranging from Costa Rica to Panama, A. Varius is now listed as critically endangered and has been reduced to a single remnant population near Quepos, Costa Rica (rediscovered in 2003) and is presumed to be extinct in Panama (IUCN, personal correspondence 2007).

Cute little tree frog I totally understand. That was soo me a week ago when we got unexpected rain. I was all like, "Oh, NOOO!!!! I just straightened my haaaaair!!!" lol. :)


Colourful tree frogs photographed by Angi Nelson

Angi Nelson photographs brilliantly colourful frogs at her home in Bristol. She began taking pictures of frogs from her own collection after she was diagnosed with ME, leaving her housebound.

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