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Dude me and my friend are always sitting there laughing. Here lemme explain, at the end of the day (; we have health and then science. So the teacher in health is funny so we r laughing our heads off and then in science we laugh at everything and have the dumbest conversations. My friend always likes to say our science teacher knows our true nature. -Shahreena

Me and my friend laugh at literally everything in our math and science classes. We are like Niall in those classes and everybody gets annoyed, but we dont care

Louis and Zayn switched positions.....louis is smoking and zayn is posing like louis would

Louis and Zayn switched positions.louis is smoking and zayn is posing like louis would>>> We can take a lifetime to appreciate Zayn

One direction

One Direction Harry Styles Liam Payne Niall Horon Louis Tomlinson Zayn Malik HAHAAH i love that!/ I laughed way to hard over this 😂

gif LOL funny funny gif relatable lol so true lol thats me lolsotrue lolthatsme

[GIF] aahah tbh I literally love louis so much he's so adorable and stupid and sexy all at the same time like stop

And finally the reason for all that laughing...a fan's "I <3 Gemma" sign. Lol

I will always be a directioner, not that I condone smoking weed, but people make mistakes. And it was only of the band not all of them, so why let the other three guys suffer for the mistakes of the other Regarding the picture, Harry is such a brother.

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it's a once in a lifetime thing>>> and then there was Niall, an Irish boy in a British boyband wearing an American flag shirt in Mexico(as I recall)

Hahaha oh Harold.....

Harry stands like an 11 year old girl in a party dress I guess. But I will love it till the death of me. I mean, it's adorable!

LOL Only Harry

So first he does the thing where he sang into his hand now he spit out water win stead of a kiss. I'm scared for this child sometimes.>>> I totally have those moments