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The Great Red Dragon by soulty666 on DeviantArt

The Great Red Dragon Original Painting by William Blake. This was sculpted in Zbrush using Dynamesh and Zremesher for reme. The Great Red Dragon

Flagerethon The Imp OC commission by phil-cho on @DeviantArt

"Flagerethon the Imp" created and commissioned by (Hali Rihn) Flagerethon The Imp OC commission

[Fantasy] - [digitalart/paintings/fantasy] - Demon Lord Baphomet - by: KateMaxpaint

Lord Baphomet - In the realm known as Hell, there exists a hierarchy of beings that rule the place. The terrifying Baphomet is a duke of Hell, and is one of the creatures that go up to the surface world in order to corrupt souls.

Hate, Marta Dettlaff on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/hate

"When it sleeps, it’s never eternal rest. One fatherland or another- whatever helps it get a running start.

Harvest by Venishi on DeviantArt

Harvest by Venishi on DeviantArt

Demon by Zasalamell.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Demon by Zasalamell