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Clinton had no problem making it clear to a Wall St. corporation that she is against legalization, but why?

Clinton and top advisor, Sidney Blumenthal, who was not employed by the state dept but by the Clinton Foundation, collaborated on the invasion of Libya.

While giving a campaign speech for her mother, Chelsea Clinton just looked like a fool by making a baseless statement that marijuana is killing people.

The most obvious example of Obama's lack of substance was his relationship with black Americans. His disdain and contempt for the people who loved him the most was clear to anyone who paid attention. Jokes about "cousin Pookie" and parents serving fried chicken for breakfast should have been seen as the racist screeds they clearly were. But the desire to see a black face in a prominent place endures to our detriment.

Corporate Media is Lying to You -- Syrian Army Freed Aleppo, There is No Genocide