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Prehistoric axe is Britain's top treasure

The Hindsgavl Dagger. In the Neolithic period the flintworkers achieved very high technical standards. The magnificent dagger from Hindsgavl with its blade less than 1 cm thick is the finest example of the flintworkers’ outstanding skills at the end of the Stone Age. It was found around 1876 on tihe island Fænø in the Little Belt. The dagger type is called a ‘fishtail dagger’ because of the fishtail-formed hilt.

UK: Dig discovers 9000-yr-old remains at Didcot - One of the flint arrowheads found at the dig - 1/22/13,

Hopewell Point (Middle Woodland Culture - 2,000 to 1,600 Years Ago). Found by a farmer in a cache of Hopewell artifacts in Indiana. It was made from a very clear Quartz Crystal that probably originated from the Arkansas area. The curved blade edge and exotic material are traits seen on other ritual objects connected to the Hopewell culture. Obsidian and a rare variety of deep blue green Flint Ridge chert was also found with this artifact.