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architecture book from infamous press: vintage book cover Click here to download Book Cover Click here to download Birthright cover designed by for W. W. Norton Click here to download again. Click here to download practical english Click here to download

Luigi Veronesi - Composizione n.51, 1938 Mart, Collezione VAF-Stiftung "La Magnifica Ossessione"

design-is-fine: Valdimir Stenberg & Georgii Stenberg, poster Springtime, Russian National Library, St. Petersburg. Exhibition at German National Library Leipzig, SchriftBild. Russian Avantgarde, until Oct 2015

You may already know Patrik Svensson for his famous minimalist movie posters and book covers, but he has a lot more hidden in his 'prince's hat' (his former pseudonym). Recently he got rid of this pseudonym, and shared his new portfolio site with us.