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Hippie bedroom. Chloe Moretz in Dark Shadows (2012). I like it but if it was mine those posters would be Bon Jovi and Guns N Roses

Lucian Freud, Woman in a Grey Sweater, 1988, oil on canvas, 45.3 x 55.6 cm, Saatchi Collection, London, UK.

John Francis Bongiovi Jr. AKA Jon Bon Jovi - Rock star, father, sexy, and philanthropist! What's not to like about this guy??

This is my favourite, I can't see bonjovi merchant without instantly thinking of this tho haha

Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi. @itsjustme-itsmylife | Tumblr #jonbonjovi #jbj #captainkidd #bonjovi #richiesambora #kingofswing