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One of my earliest memories of writing was in the second grade. I won an award for the most creative short story in my grade. The piece was titled "The Shark and the Killer Whale". It was about a shark and a killer whale that fought one another but in the end became friends. I feel that this was an important part of my literacy background. It was the first time I felt that I had accomplished something through writing.

Take action -- urge the Service to follow up on this petition and extend orcas' protections to reflect the latest science documenting their range.

Blackfish - Take Action Resources ... I hope this fight is fought for any and all wild animals in captivity that are used for entertainment purposes and/or breeding purposes - including Disney's Animal Kingdom, aquariums, zoos, etc. Unless the facility is a rescue/rehab ... and viable animals are released back into the wild, or permanently injured animals are cared for and in turn provide an opportunity to study them for conservation and scientific/public education only. PERIOD!!!

The Far East Russia Orca Project experienced a rare and extraordinary sighting of an all-white orca off the coast of Russia.

Tour company co-owners says about this orca, "he just grabbed that little harbour seal and he just chucked that little guy way up in the air."